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. Signature Renewal for Low Entropy Data. In International Conference On Trust, Security And Privacy In Computing And Communications (TrustCom 2018), New York, USA, 2018.


. Asymptotic Analysis of Plausible Tree Hash Modes for SHA-3. In Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology, IACR, 2017.


. Arithmetic in Finite Fields Based on the Chudnovsky Multiplication Algorithm. In Mathematics of Computation, AMS, 2017.


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ID-Blockchain is an identity management project around the Blockchain Bitcoin concretizing the concept of self-sovereign identity.


This is an important part of my work. I regularly supervise students for tutored projects (Master’s degree final project) concerned with topics of cybersecurity. I was also a temporary teacher for the following classes:

  • Cryptography for Embedded Systems
    • 2018-2019
    • MSc level (ENSICAEN, 5A) / labs (TP)
    • Teacher: Patrick Lacharme
  • Algebra
    • 2018-2019
    • BSc level (ENSICAEN, 3A) / recitations (TD) and labs (TP)
    • Teacher: Patrick Lacharme
  • Practice of cryptography
    • 2012-2017
    • MSc level (M1) / recitations (TD) and labs (TP)
    • Teacher: Rémi Morin
  • Computer network design and Quality of Service
    • 2012-2015
    • MSc level (Polytech engineering school, 5A) / lectures (CM) and recitations
  • Parallel programming
    • 2015-2017
    • MSc level (M1) / recitations and labs
    • Teacher: Rémi Morin
  • Computer tools
    • 2015-2017
    • BSc level (L1) / lectures and recitations
  • Introduction to computer science and programming
    • 2015-2017
    • BSc level (L1) / lectures, recitations and labs
  • C programming
    • 2015-2017
    • BSc level (L1) / recitations and labs
    • Teachers: Valentin Emiya and Benoit favre